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The 2018 Ohm Resistance Subscription Series is a celebration of the roots, history, and future of the label. The series consists of three 7"s shipped every quarter, with simultaneous digital delivery, bonus tracks, and an exclusive bonus album for all subscribers. The deluxe version of the series delivers 2 shirts, a hoodie, and patches in addition to music.

The series started as a celebration of dark hop, a long forgotten genre in the same vein as ambient dub/illbient, and is what many of the label's artists were creating at the time the label formed. The subscription's first set of three 7"s were crafted with this sound heavily in the frame, but as more artists signed up to create tracks, the series became its own entity, iconoclastic and inimitable. The second pressing is set to ship to subscribers on Friday, April 13, 2018, and has a decidely techno bent while remaining threaded through with the original intent.

All 24 audio artists have been confirmed, and the third round of tracks is in manufacturing with a July shipment date.

Series artists span the absolute breadth and depth of the Ohm Resistance roster.
7101 : end.user (WORLD) // COMPACTOR (USA)
7102 : Have Demons (USA / FIN) // Hydra (CAN)
7103 : Mothboy (UK) // Amantra (FRA)
7104 : JKFlesh (UK) // Submerged + Blacktacular (USA)
7105 : Regis (UK) // Luke Lund (FIN)
7106 : SIMM (ITA) // Medium (UA)

Confirmed for Round 3 are Current Value (DE), Masamune (USA), monolog (DE), pulsewidthmod (USA), Fret [Mick Harris] (UK), and Kamikaze Space Programme (DE)

Ohm Resistance began in 1999 as a 12"-vinyl-only drum & bass label. In 2005, the label returned to Brooklyn, and the scope of the label expanded as crossover electronic projects began releasing albums. The label has released more than 40 12" singles, more than 40 albums and EPs, and has done several one off split series 10"s. The mission of the label has always been uncompromising representation of artistic vision, without regard for commercial appeal. Ohm Resistance prides itself on being a platform for artists who forge iconic paths, including end.user, Mick Harris, Bill Laswell, Justin Broadrick, Technical Itch, Submerged, Lauren Flax, Ted Parsons, Eraldo Bernocchi, Anthoney Hart, Timur Turisbekov, and Breaker; and for being the sprouting point for many cutting edge drum & bass/electronic artists, such as Counterstrike, Impulse/Corrupt Souls, Medium (Ukraine), Luke Lund, and Speak Onion. Ohm Resistance is solely focused on the accurate communication of complex electronic music based concepts, through both vinyl and digital formats. The label has also been the home of many distinctive visual artists, including Khomatek (Noisia/Vice/Playboy), and Shvlfce (Club VOID Berlin/Jägermeister).



Q1 end.user COMPACTOR HAVE DEMONS Hydra Mothboy Amantra
Q2 JKFlesh Submerged + Blacktacular Regis Luke Lund SIMM Medium
Q3 Current Value Masamune Fret Kamikaze Space Programme pulsewidthmod monolog

and 6 more yet to be announced

Q1 SHVLFCE Amanda Lockwood Yves Huerne
Q2 Pasquale Belvito nem0 Petulia Mattioli

and 6 more yet to be announced




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