Subscription Series Artist Profile: COMPACTOR

This is the second of a continuing series of artist profiles, covering all of the participants in the Ohm Resistance Subscription Series. 

photo: Cody Keto Photography

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Derek Rush speaks for the The Worker; and The Worker is the faceless person who performs on stage as COMPACTOR.  Appropriately, we recognize Derek as one of the hardest working individuals in noise – and also one of the most intelligently outspoken proponents of treating other humans with compassion.

As we speak to Derek most days anyhow, it was quite easy to get a hold of him and drop our 5 questions on him – check his answers below:

Your live show for Compactor is performed by an entity you call The Worker – what does the The Worker represent to you?

The Worker is an anonymous figure, so they can potentially be anyone who works a job they’re exhausted from, or unfairly treated at, or are forced to do things that don’t make sense. The mask and uniform show almost no skin, which ensures the figure is both anonymous and dehumanized. In an age when corporations are legally considered people, actual people are considered the opposite, just resources or expenses to use or discard.

You are known for promoting and arranging many shows – what drives you to make such amazing and diverse line ups?

I’ve only been really taking the reins on that in the past few years, not sure if I’m known for it that much. It’s kind of an extension of the Chthonic Streams label, which is about my philosophy of dark underground music from different areas flowing together. The lineups are meant to be cohesive without being all the same sub-genre or style. Part of what drives it is having seen a lot of shows booked that only seemed to consider how many people come in the door and not whether or not the bill makes any sense musically. I want people to come interested in the night as a whole, and leave feeling like they were presented with a complete experience, rather than just having seen their friends’ band and stood around bored or annoyed the rest of the time until they left.

photo: Garner 10/21/2017

What are some new areas of sound design you are incorporating into COMPACTOR?

The track on the Ohm Resistance 7” utilized a run-down turntable and scratching, which is a new texture to the project that will be explored more fully in the future. One track on Technology Worship uses the sounds of cell phone interference. There’s been experimentation with unusual sound chains, like putting a reverb first instead of last, or plugging things into each other that one normally wouldn’t.

Where was your favorite gig?

So far, probably still Brighton Music Hall 10.02.15 as part of the Voidstar 25 Festival.

What is on the docket for COMPACTOR for live performances?
Pittsburgh PA 9.29
Detroit MI 9.30
Chicago IL 10.2
Milwaukee WI 10.3
Minneapolis MN 10.4
Fargo ND 10.5
Portland ME 10.6

COMPACTOR’s latest forthcoming releases are:
Technology Worship CD (Oppressive Resistance Recordings)
Victim Of Circumstance (split w/Vitriol Gauge)
Psychological Warfare (Sonic Terror)

COMPACTOR Social Media
Chthonic Streams Facebook

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Subscription Series Artist Profile: END.USER

This is the first of a continuing series of artist profiles, covering all of the participants in the Ohm Resistance Subscription Series.Stazma the Junglechrist- Left, End.user– Right
all photos credit: Mr Munky Photography

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First up on the block is the man from CINCINNATI himself, Lynn Standafer – more commonly known as End.user to the world of electronic music. End.user appears on our first 7″, and his track for the series, Interruption 5, continues a composition format last seen on the album “left” – re-released in deluxe edition in 2017. Ohm Resistance recently signed his newest project Vertigo – after the completion of this interview!!

We caught up with Lynn upon his return to being based in Washington DC after several years in Europe, and asked him 5 questions:

You are known for making amazing music with licks from many different cultures. What drives your compositional mindset when using non-traditional sound sources?

I honestly don’t really listen to a lot of electronic music — I’ve always listened to pretty much everything else! I see the music I make as a grey area between two different worlds mainly… I think the biggest influence regarding rhythm for me was jungle music which sort of stacked onto my love for industrial / heavy distorted beat music. While those types of music have super intense drum elements and a bit of a punk attitude, I think they sometimes lack a lot of melodic bits. So basically I take my love of melody in general and certain song structures and combine it with heavier & detailed drum work. The initial marriage of the drums and melodic elements can be tricky, as it’s really easy to sound cheesy when mixing different worlds; but when you do it with a full on appreciation and love for the source material (whether it’s recorded live or sampled), the end result will always work.

What is your all-time best live gig?

Dour Festival in Belgium, 2011. I played after Anthrax on the Cannibal stage & was blown away by the welcoming attitude from all of the thrash metal fans. Super intense & very fucking loud 🙂

Who are you currently collaborating with?

I’m collaborating with a vocalist (Jaymie Rodgers) and guitar player (Roger Romero) on a project called ‘Vertigo’. It started off as more of a trip hop / breakcore hybrid with live vocals and guitar but it’s sort of evolving into something I can’t even describe. It’s very doom / very emotional but still has punch. We’ve got remixes coming in from a lot of different artists from different worlds, and those seem to be influencing our debut EP as well 🙂 Can’t say how it will turn out sounding exactly but I’m sure it will be heavy, dark and moody 😉

Will there be another Blood of Heroes record?

Not sure about that one. I think we have some material that wasn’t released but I haven’t spoken to the guys in a while. Would love to see what we have around, I loved working on those records.

Where do you play next? What are your tour plans?

Upcoming shows are:
July 22: Cincinnati, OH
July 23: Akron, OH
July 27: San Francisco, CA
Oct 19: Maschinenfest, Germany
Nov 24: Mannheim, Germany

End.user’s latest forthcoming releases are: 
‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’ – Suicide Audio / Fall 2018
Vertigo EP -Ohm Resistance / Fall 2018

End.user Social Media

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We did it – we put together an INSANE year long series with the absolute best in underground beats and sounds, and pressed it onto 7″ vinyl!  The first 3 7″s are shipping now!

7101: end.user – interruption 5 b/w Compactor – Hazardous Obstacles

7102: Have Demons – Black Fire b/w Hydra – Rise

7103: Mothboy – Ten Thousand Swerves b/w Amantra – G & C

The second grouping is about to go into manufacture, and the line up is:
JK Flesh, Submerged, Regis, Luke Lund, Medium, and SIMM.
Artists confirmed for the 3rd and 4th runs are Ariadne, Diasiva, Snowbeasts, DEFCE, nem0, and some explosive surprises to keep you entertained throughout 2018!

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When you subscribe on our page, we email you the download code to redeem on our Bandcamp page. It’s a private release, so this is an ultra-exclusive affair available only to subscribers.

There are 3 Tiers of Subscription:

TIER 1: Digital
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TIER 2: Vinyl
•All of Tier 1 rewards +
•4 Shipments of 3×7″ vinyl
•Each 7″ comes with an exclusive print from a graphic artist, and our artists on the series include SHVLFCE, Amanda Lockwood, Yves Huerne, Khomatech, and many more Ohm Resistance artwork faces new and old!
•Ohm Resistance Stickers

TIER 3: Vinyl PLUS
•All of Tier 1 AND Tier 2 rewards +
•2 NEW T Shirts
•1 NEW Hoodie
•2 Ohm Resistance Patches

Subscriptions can be billed annually or quarterly, and ship worldwide.
Fulfillment in both EU and USA.

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If you’ve read this far, we know you are a fan!! So check it out, here’s the prizes!!

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Every sound is a frequency – a cycle – and Ohm Resistance has developed a year long series reaching back to the furthest point in the genesis of the label – DARK HOP / AMBIENT DUB. With Ohm Resistance spawning from downtempo label Collision Substance and taking a hard left into drum & bass out of the gate, the original mission of the label group had never been developed as planned. Having been inspired as much by Mick Harris’ Possible Records & the dub techno of Basic Channel Records as by Technical Itch and No U Turn, this series is a return to the roots of on earliest inspirations which created Ohm Resistance.

The series is structured, for optimal pricing of shipping, into 4 shipments of 3 7″s & prints.


The first grouping, shipping out in December 2017, is as follows:
OHM 7101 end.user “interruption 5” b/w Compactor “Hazardous Obstacles”
with print by SHVLFCE
OHM 7102 Have Demons “Black Fire” b/w Hydra “Rise”
with print by Amanda Lockwood
OHM 7103 Mothboy “Ten Thousand Swerves” b/w Amantra “G & C”
with print by Yves Huerne

Other artists confirmed for the series: JKFlesh, Submerged + Blacktacular, Regis, Luke Lund, Medium, SIMM, Diasiva, DEFCE, nem0, Ariadne, Snowbeasts, and more…




Ohm Resistance returns to its hometown, Brooklyn NY, on Thursday, December 14th, 2017, with a stacked line up:

SUNNYVALE in Brooklyn is our homebase for a stimulating evening, presenting the legend END.USER, the new incarnation of founder Submerged alongside nem0 with YOU WILL CHOOSE FIRE, a shift from the Worker as COMPACTOR, and the visual and audio auras of amazement from ARIADNE.

Also, the headliner is a collaborative project, in the vein of Blood of Heroes or Method of Defiance – the brand new RESISTANCE SQUADRON. Details on RESISTANCE SQUADRON to follow, the line up is set and we’re ready to slay with you, but we’re saving that line up announcement for a short while into the future.


…wait til we announce who’s in Resistance Squadron…some new artists we’ve yet to play with, with a colossal rhythm section you haven’t seen for many years…


It’s all out there in the open for you now:

43M OHM – You Will Choose Fire – s/t EP – CD, Digital

44M OHM – N400 – should I erase You? – CD, Digital

45M OHM – end.user – left 2017 deluxe edition – Digital

ACCELARATION 001: September’s Releases of Note and Thoughts from Submerged

Well now then: I’m starting a monthly column, so I can update all the Submerged and Ohm Resistance family on what’s going on with the label, what records I’m playing, and whatever else I feel like directing your attention to in the world. And we’ve got a lot of ground to cover…
Ohm Resistance officially moved to Portland, OR in 2016, after a long spell in Brooklyn, my original hometown. We are still settling here, a year in, but it’s starting to feel like home, and we’re about geared up to get to playing some shows. I’m live at the Liquor Store DJing with Amit on 10/18 in Portland for the Subduction Audio crew – come out and see us!

Glad and grateful I am to have new partners with which to work the label. We’re undertaking a massive project coming up, that I am super excited about – a 7″ vinyl subscription series. We pulled this off in 2004 with 10″s and it was a massive success then, so I’m beyond chuffed to revisit this method of getting music delivered to you. I love vinyl and always will…and I can’t give away too much yet outside of that we have new staff onboard in conjunction with the series and the website:

nem0 aka Lacey Wood aka north-40 has built us a beautiful website, and continues to be the IT brains behind the new Ohm Resistance.
Our old friend from DC / Tangent days Alexandra Portaluppi has come aboard as Executive Producer of the subscription series.
And -haZMat- is in PA, doing US order fulfillment and making noises with electronic insect repellent machines. 

First order of business now that we’re passed introductions:
end.user – left 2017 deluxe edition

Lynn and I kept saying we were going to do this, we were going to do this…it took us 2 years but we did it!! Who knows, we may someday do another Blood of Heroes at this rate (Justin, Doc, here’s looking at you…)

This record has always needed a re-master, I did the original master in a room not so suited for mastering, and it really benefits from Robert Galbraith’s touch. All the incredible Drum & Bass tunes really flourish, and we got in 2 new remixes from monolog + liza aikin and Syk2une that are fucking off the charts, and the re-master really accentuates how good the drum & bass originals on “left” are.

Second up is the amazing record that fell out of the sky at me one day:
N400’s “Should I Erase You?”

Concurrent energy in the universe must have put this on my doorstep, it’s a break up record of the most intimately painful variety. It’s so good. Great shoegaze + industrial, if you like Pale Sketches/Pale Sketcher-vibe you would kick yourself to miss this. 3 bonus remixes on the CD or digital direct from us!

Last of the new Ohm Resistance releases is my band with our Montanan technomancer, nem0.
You Will Choose Fire – s/t EP

We built a studio in the Montavilla neighborhood in Portland above Nitro Print (forever thanks Jed and Ashanti) and recorded this, and played some super fun shows in the last year (Dante’s, with end.user at XV, and during a literal blizzard for 7th place Portland mayoral candidate Jessie Sponberg’s clothing drive). Looking forward to finally treating everyone to what we made in one of the weirdest years of both of our lives. We do a cover of the Cranberries “Zombie”; it’s breakcore and will tear your face off. As will Amanda Lockwood’s art on the CD, as will Rob Galbraith’s mastering job again. I’m a lucky dude for sure.

I’m also going to mostly, normally, use this column to boost releases that I’m playing. Lucky that I have so many kick ass producer friends who send me their sounds. Diasiva, who are Ohm Resistance alumni, have a new record out, deserving highest praise with “Station 1805” on Acroplane Recordings.

I met Mads and Simon when we played together at Subland in Berlin on NYE 14/15 and that whole trip was a memorable catastrophe on so many levels; it’s its own film at some point, truly. But I was psyched to play with these guys, and they do not disappoint on this EP – you have a tempo variety, but contextual sonic parity, which is exactly what I’m down with!

Neckbrace is a techno stormer, fully industrial right to the edge of the line between EBM and Techno. Scrape is a track I’ve been playing out in my dnb sets, it’s a great opener, and tone setter, one of those truly mechanical tracks that are versatile mixing underneath amens or other more broken up beat style tracks. In fact, it recalls, stylistically at least, Ultravibe’s The Swirl 12″ on Second Movement; just a vicious drum machine pattern 4, all 8th notes hammering away. And Stifle Your Woes holds a bit of a special place for me, heard this falling asleep one evening with the monster opening bass just reverberating in my head…I didn’t even realize there was a beat to the song until second listen…massive low end and low grunge in this! Superb EP, can’t recommend it enough. TIP!

Compactor – Multicore is equally enthralling.

Derek Rush rode up with me to a festival we played together in Boston in 2015, and I’ve been a fan of his ever since. I’m absolutely in love with his home crafted, small run unique approach with his music. One can only scratch the surface of his prolific output, but when I’m lucky and pay enough attention, I get in on time. Multicore is a cassette release available from Low Noise Productions, and also has a bad ass t-shirt that goes with it. Again, got lucky and got my shirt.

Multicore is super rhythmic, and evokes Pan Sonic at certain points, but only in aesthetic similarity of electro beat + noise; Derek is firmly on his own track, with a bit of Prince what does come through in the music. Seriously, for rhythmic white noise, this probably has the most pound for pound funk on the drum machine. You can hear a bit of New York City 80s freestyle even, in the programming. Pro-tip: end of Peripheral Interface Chain, Very Loud Please, yes yes yes yes. Derek also put together the fantastic #noDAPL noise compilation from last year that my band You Will Choose Fire appeared on, on his Chthonic Streams outlet.

And I didn’t even get to talk about Have Demons yet…but next month/Dark Hop It’s On.

For those of you who made it this far: new DJ mix, next week to kick off the week. Promise.

Maximum benevolence to all,

Kurt Submerged < | | | >

Hibernation Is Over. Time for New Sound.

Welcome back to the Ohm Resistance
This late summer heatwave consists of three releases – two new acts, and a monumental re-release.

43M OHM You Will Choose Fire – s/t (CD, Digital)

nem0’s Montana blues meets the thundering rhythm section of Ohm Resistance founder Submerged on beats and live bass. Breakcore punctuates pop like a stiletto through the heart. This is shoegaze with an attitude problem, a duo with a penchant for sharp-edged sounds, hazy atmospheres, and catastrophic bass.

44M OHM N400 – Should I Erase You?

France’s newest duo of drift electronic post rock, N400, dropped this album of extended heartache onto Ohm Resistance. We didn’t hesitate to release it, after hearing the combination of Amantra’s Thierry Arnal (Th.A, who is highly recognizable from his appearances on the mighty Avalanche Recordings) with self-taught Paris songwriter Loïc Prot (L01c). Five lengthy tracks for everyone who enjoys Jesu, Swans, Have a Nice Life, interwoven with a completely unique French melancholy.

45M OHM end.user – left (deluxe 2017 edition)


end.user’s 2008 album “left” marked the beginning of the end of an era for Ohm Resistance, with having end.user, Submerged, Silent Killer, and Breaker all together in New York City all at the same time. Lynn Standafer aka end.user was the first to migrate outward. Before doing so, he created a stunning album of surprisingly vicious drum & bass (including a collaboration with Counterstrike), new wave downtempo tracks with Aussie vocalist Sol Thomas, and several proto dubstep, sub driven pieces, all tied together with the inimitable melodic signature of Standafer.