Ohm Resistance has been releasing Vinyl Records since 1999, CDs and Digital since 2005.
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1KOHM Quoit vs. Submerged – Everything You Do Is Wrong / Page Fault
2KOHM Temulent – Drugged (Remix) / Monoplegia
3KOHM Knuckledown – Gangbang / Watersnake
4KOHM Quoit – Clasp
5KOHM Submerged – 110
6KOHM Temulent – Progressive Illness Volume 1
7KOHM Temulent / Submerged – Alchaloid (Submerged Remix) / For The
8KOHM Stress + Truthdrug – Hooligan / Felt Nothing
9KOHM Temulent – Progressive Illness Volume 2
10KOHM Impulse + Submerged – Dirty Bomb / Biomechanical Tube (Ohmrwreckers Part 1)
11KOHM Accela – Lost Highway / Mephisto (Ohmwreckers Part 2)
12KOHM Kiko – Passport / Ronin (Ohmwreckers Part 3)
13KOHM Various – Dirty Bomb Remixes (Ohmwreckers Resculpted Part 1 of 2)
14KOHM Accela / Process Lost Highway (Submerged VIP) / Fascination (Ohmwreckers Resculpted Part 2 of 2)
15KOHM Submerged + Kiko / Accela + Plejik Beyond Repair / Mental Collapse
16KOHM Bill Laswell vs Submerged Todd Bridges On Lockdown (Temulent Remix) / Summary Execution (Corrupt Souls Remix)
17KOHM Submerged + Kain / Temulent Vengence / Dysphoria
18KOHM DStar Evilution / Powerstruck
19KOHM Submerged Servant / I Love You But I Chose Darkness
20KOHM Submerged / end.user Servant (Technical Itch Remix) / The Return (Ohm Resistance VIP)
21KOHM Counterstrike / Identity / Corrupt Souls / Lethal & Khanage  Disciples of the Unreal
22KOHM Silent Killer Orgy / Sovereign
23KOHM Lethal & Khanage / Identity & 4Pro Project X / Snap
24KOHM Lethal & Khanage / Temulent Fuck You! / Nothing (Ohmwreckers Part 4)
25KOHM Infiltrata / Breaker / Identity Make Life Illa / I’ve Given Up The Hammer for the Hatchet (Ohmwreckers Part 5)
26KOHM Submerged ft. Corrupt Souls / C.A.B.L.E. Gutter / One More Time (Ohmwreckers Part 6)
27KOHM Silent Killer + Breaker Endure / Brigade (Ohmwreckers Part 7)
28KOHM SST & Glitch / The Chosen Let It Bleed / Faith Of The Fallen

1MOHM Various Forwards in Backwards Time
2MOHM Sinthetix Gateway
3MOHM Black Sun Empire Cruel & Unusual (US CD license only)
4MOHM DJ Hype Dubplate Killaz Vol. 2 (US CD license only)
5MOHM Method of Defiance Inamorata
6MOHM Scorn Stealth
7MOHM end.user left
8MOHM Fanu + Bill Laswell Lodge
9MOHM Technical Itch You Need Therapy
10MOHM Submerged Violence As First Nature
11MOHM Silent Killer Everyone Bleeds
12MOHM The Project Pale Our Inventions and How They Fail Us
14MOHM The Blood of Heroes The Blood of Heroes
15MOHM Imaginary Forces Filth Columnist
16MOHM Scorn Refuse;Start Fires
17MOHM Necessary Voldsløkka
18MOHM Silent Killer & Breaker Amongst Villains
19MOHM The Blood of Heroes Remain
20MOHM Gator Bait Ten Harvester
21MOHM Scorn Yozza
22MOHM Submerged Before Fire I Was Against Other People
23MOHM Merzbow + Balázs Pándi Ducks: Live in NYC
24MOHM Melamin & Wicked Sway Metamorphosis
25MOHM Balkansky The Temple
26MOHM Schecter 13 Perspectives
27MOHM Joanna Syze Rodina
28MOHM Imaginary Forces Uppstigande
29MOHM Gunshae Out Of Darkness… Light
30MOHM The Blood of Heroes The Waking Nightmare
31MOHM Bojanek & Michalowski As Far As It Seems
32MOHM SIMM Visitor
33MOHM Zerfallmensch Lotcrashers
34MOHM Invertia Another Scheme of the Wicked
35MOHM Project Zenit Again
36MOHM DEFCE Surface Tension
37MOHM Submerged vs. Bill Laswell After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
38MOHM Speak Onion – Unanswered
39MOHM Diasiva Doublefade
40MOHM Zerfallmensch Dirteaters
41MOHM KK Null & Balázs Pándi Demon Core
42MOHM Medium Evolution of the Universe
43MOHM You Will Choose Fire – You Will Choose Fire
44MOHM N400 – Should I Erase You?
45MOHM end.user – left (2017 deluxe edition)
46MOHM Velos + NLic – Danger Time

OBLITERATI01 Various The Consequences Of Relying Upon Outdated Mythology
OBLITERATI02 Various The Distilling Of Tragedy Into Disposable Art
OBLITERATI03 Various The Satisfaction Of Giving Up
OBLITERATI04  Various Everything You Feel Is Laced With Fucking Lies
OBLITERATI05 Submerged Stars Lights The End
OBLITERATI06 Various Six Sensational Soft-Rock Songs For Lovers

OHMOSR001 Photo Op Before A Long Hard Fuck
Bill Laswell vs. Submerged / Fracture + Neptune Doctored Intelligence (Version) / Normality Complex Parts 1 +2
OHMOSR002 A Great Sickness Has Left Us In Ruins
Process / Fanu Rickshaw / Defunct Drums’ Depression Decade
OHMOSR003 We Are Equipped With Solely the Means to Destroy
Impulse / Graphic Tempered / Hexagon
OHMOSR004 Like A Wall, Around You
Quoit vs. Submerged / ASC El Topo / Pitch Black
OHMOSR005 There Is No Joy That Is Absolute
Psidream / Alpha Omega Secret Life / Catburglar VIP
OHMOSR006 The Unfathomable Depths Where Our Dreams Lie
Vector Burn / Echo Plummet / Inside

RSIS001 Venez Hot Bitches / Pankration Fat Dub
RSIS002 Lethal T Virus / Eidolon
RSIS003 Venez Bushwickin’ / Arsenal & Spears

Fossil Hunters 001 IDA
Fossil Hunters 002 Deep Time Predator
Fossil Hunters 003 So Bizarrely Twisted


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