Gore Tech – Geist Fibre – 49M OHM – 2xLP


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Presenting the latest in sonic architecture for the hyper-realised, the self-aware non-entities and synths alike.Drum & Bass sonic weapons collide with vocal downtempo, and scattered technoid and breaks cuts round out this ultra-dancefloor cache of sound programs. Gore Tech is Manchester UK’s leading exponent of hard electronic music and Geist Fibre is easily his finest hour. With a series of advanced cyber-neuro Drum & Bass tracks comprising the majority of the album, Geist Fibre is aimed squarely at the DnB dancefloor, but the additional flavors at different tempos make it a complete album that can be enjoyed in its entirety. Geist Fibre is the electronic music soundtrack for the future-phobic – sonic messages from a world where science fiction has always proven too benevolent, and our developed technological reality stands at odds with human existence.
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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in