Gator Bait Ten “Harvester” 12″



Gator Bait Ten is the brainchild of M. Gregor Filip (The Blood of Heroes) and Simon J. Smerdon (Mothboy), joined by the rhythm section of Submerged (The Blood of Heroes, ex-Method of Defiance) and Ted Parsons (Swans, Godflesh, Prong). Gator Bait Ten takes slow, evolving atmospheres, ultra-deformed guitars and pounding, sub-arctic beats from the master of low BPM drumming and combines those elements with two depth charge size basses. Conjuring images of pre-human cults, dark rituals of isolationist sects, Gator Bait Ten is a sonic film of unease.

Harvester is produced alongside and mixed by Joel Hamilton (Studio G Brooklyn, The Book of Knots). The diverse techniques of guitar explored by Filip are the hallmark of the Gator Bait Ten sound, and the studio techniques of Hamilton further push the level of sonic advancement beyond anything else happening at this tempo. Pure audio exploration of unknown territory, Gator Bait Ten’s “Harvester” takes slow, brooding, dark, and childlike to a different and as of yet unheard degree.

Massive sounding LP with Khomatech’s gorgeous deconstructed American Gothic artwork

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