N400 “Should I Erase You” CD



N400 is the combination of
Amantra’s Thierry Arnal and self-taught
Parisian composer Loïc Prot. This first collaboration, “Should I Erase You?”, delivers a sanguine and melancholy set of 5 lengthy tracks; the backing soundtrack to a separation and ultimate dissolution. A resonating heartbreak and resulting emptiness populates the songs, which range in influence from Pale Sketches-era Jesu to Swans to an absolutely, unmistakably French sadness unique to the collaborators.

With shoegaze swells sailing over metallic drum machine rhythms and vocoded lyrics, “Should I Erase You?” is a documented tearing-apart: an emotional release, evoking the loneliness of being on one’s own and sifting through the pieces.

Features 3 bonus remixes not available outside of direct sale from Ohm Resistance – by Amantra, L01c, and You Will Choose Fire

All tracks written and performed by L01c 
Additional guitars, mixing, mastering by Th.A 
Photos by Yves Huerne