Submerged “Before Fire I Was Against Other People” CD



Ohm Resistance founder Submerged finally takes time away from reinventing the legacy of his label to showcase his new album: “Before Fire I Was Against Other People”.
Comprised of all new Submerged material in many shades of drum n bass, rock, dubstep, and more, this is an artist with a range unlike many of his contemporaries.

With the title taken from a garbled and threatening conversation with a ex-borderguard deep in the interior of Russia, the album demonstrates Submerged at his best – producing the madness that has become a haven for the hellions of darkness for more than a decade.
Enlisting the talents of Scorn, Dr. Israel, Justin K. Broadrick, Joel Hamilton, Jason Selden, Ted Parsons, Balázs Pándi, and others for this album, Submerged defies conventional logic and displays his ever broadening skills as a composer, bassist, arranger, and producer.

An alternate universe Blood of Heroes? A knife-edge ethno-dubstep debut? The breakcore bent drum n bass beats that defined the early Submerged? They’re all in here, and then some.

Thrashing through wild production technique, psychotic percussions, and swelling ripcord basses, “Before Fire I Was Against Other People” is an adventure through the Life, Death, and Awakening of Kurt Submerged. Full volume listening recommended.

Beautiful 6 panel digipak with lush Khomatech artwork

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