You Will Choose Fire “You Will Choose Fire” CD



You Will Choose Fire is a Portland pairing of Ohm Resistance legend Submerged (Kurt Gluck) and vocalist/instrumentalist nem0 (Lacey Wood).
After years of off/on correspondence, they created the Montavilla studio Black Site II and began their musical partnership. Based on an intense love of Drum & Bass music and the desire to adopt elements of electronic music, they began fusing it with the live bass of Submerged and Montana Blues guitar of nem0.
The self titled EP is the first dispatch of tunes, raw and furious. Inspired by the Stand with Standing Rock movement, the track “Vigilante Day” first appeared in abbreviated form on the #NODAPL Noise compilation on Chthonic Streams, and is an anti-pipeline rallying cry, tangled within the frame of a Montana holiday of the same name. “White Cross Holiday” conjures images of lonely Montana highways marked with crosses representing the dead. The duo also perform a cover and an adaptation: “Zombie” is a powerful breakcore mashdown of the ’90s Cranberries song, while “Down by the River” is a modern story song evoking myths of la llorona and the US-Mexico border drug war.

“You Will Choose Fire” is similar to many unusual yet delicious combinations – byplacing the smoky voice and guitar buzz of nem0 alongside the damaging beats and grinding bass of Submerged, the resulting pieces yield a full spectrum display of soothing to jarring.
This EP is just the first short glimpse of what this production / performance duo have in-store
for us.

Vocals, Guitars, Beats, Synths – nem0
Vocals, Bass, Beats, Synths – Submerged

1, 3 lyrics by Lacey Wood
6, lyrics by Lacey Wood and Kurt Gluck
all music composed, produced, and mixed by Lacey Wood and Kurt Gluck
at Black Site II, Portland, OR
[except 2 lyrics and music by Dolores Mary O’Riordan]
artwork by Amanda Lockwood
mastered by Robert Galbraith

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