My job as a DJ is to bring you the sickest music that you may or may not have ever heard of – and I’ve done this job for 22 years running. So, after a killer weekend in Berlin featuring first the Brvtalist Showcase, and then one of my all time favorite musicians, Justin Broadrick, doing JK Flesh at Tresor, here’s the round up on the first half of the year in records from your DJ…

Homemade Weapons – Gravity

All I can say about Homemade Weapons is that it has UNITY OF PURPOSE. This cat has defined a focused sound, made it their own, and ran with it. Real, rebellion junglist sound.

Gravity is full of everything I love the most — amens and subs — and the construction/production on all the tracks is superb. Personal favorite is the rolling, wheel turning Patrol, but really all of the cuts on this 3xLP are nothing short of perfectly crafted JUNGLE MUSIC. 

Biggest respect to Andre for his distinctive sound and creations.  

Paragon – Iris

Dirty, dirty, raw Drum & Bass from a recent Ohm Resistance alumnus, Tom Smit aka Paragon. If you heard his noisypieceofshit album on Ohm Resistance, Iris is the Dr. Jekyll to that album’s Hyde – turns out Paragon can make the straight forward dance floor smasher gig work for himself. These are all just heads down, 170 BPM face melters. Straight, minimal grooves that just wear down your inhibitions and march onwards to the TECH STEP (emphasis mine and completely necessary) beat. 

Packed with cool bits, like the dark ambient collab with didgeridoo specialist Indidjinous, and the No U Turn reminiscent title track…well hell, the whole THING screams 90s No U Turn, 90s Technical Itch/Decoder tracks, but done by a modern producer…excellent depth from the one like Paragon.

Eris and Oz1 – Chaos Bringer

This is out now on the new Ohm Resistance digital imprint, Distortion Records, and it is just stupid good. More jungle, more amens, more sizzling low end surge…just pure happiness in a form that smashes. Ukraine is one of the leading exponents for modern electronic music, and we are happy to continue to present great sounds from its artists. 

Nothing but dance floor destruction – and everything is exactly what it says on the tin – 6 Tons of Macaroons? Ok, more like 6 tons of amen break dropped straight on your skull! Android Factory? Sure, if the factory made snare drums and delivered them straight into your brain at warp speed. You get the picture. This one is a don’t miss it, dope dope chomnk of serious creativity!

A Talon Touches The Lake – CREEPTONE

So here we have the band of the renowned visual artist and 7” series participant (on the graphics side) Ruben Pang, who played some killer guitar on and co-produced this gem. Nothing but RAW ENERGY from a band that drops some crazy time signatures, and riffs for DAYS. The bassist is ILL, the vocalist is 2 steps from the mental asylum, (oh wait, same person!), the whole thing is a bizarre joy ride into oblivion. 

Alternative, punk, some echoes of Faith No More epic-ness, and pure groovy. That crazy, psychedelic, southeast Asian groove that moves around – if you are looking for something different, this one definite reaches out into worlds I don’t usually occupy, and I love it!

Diasiva – Thirst

Another Ohm Resistance alumni on this list, the mighty co-project between monolog and Swarm Intelligence continues its strong run of quality releases. Thirst is an excellent display of the range of this project – with all 4 tracks coming at you with different tempos, but still speaking the same harsh, robotic tongue. On the excellent Instruments of Discipline label.

The opening track Pimesons is an absolute standout, and I could be forgiven if I surmised that Fret’s Over Depth album has insinuated itself into the atmosphere of many modern electronic producers. Vapor Construct is a killer noisy Drum & Bass tempo piece, that unapologetically has absolutely nothing to do modern dance floor DnB, and far more to do with the unique, industrial sound of Diasiva. 

A great EP from an extremely creative, no boundaries team.

Double Helix – Endurance

This killer release comes to us from Germany’s T3K Recordings (big up Umut!), and Austrian artist Double Helix. Thoroughly in the realm of early Teebee, Calyx, this producer knows how to make the beats bang and subs boom without sticking to any standardization tests. Just creative, all-power-to-the-groove wall shakers. A stellar example of how drum & bass, even when aimed directly at the dance floor, is still laser-guided futurism at 170+ BPM 

IdeatorZ – I

From Hamburg, Germany, we’ll conclude with the debut EP of a new producer on the Distortion Records imprint, fast-rising talent IdeatorZ. One day, I decided to listen to some demos, to get more tracks for the spring mix I did, and came across this producer. Instantly, I wrote back in hopes of signing the tunes to Distortion – and here we are. THIS record has absolutely EVERYTHING to do with the dance floor. You can tell Black Sun Empire, Ed Rush and Optical and perhaps even modern Current Value are references. 

IdeatorZ’s unique sound is nothing short of professional composition – you can hear the construction in each track, and attention to detail in the element arrangement. The music just has high energy positive movement exuding out of all the tracks. Pure hands in the air WRECKAGE all throughout this EP!

This column will be a continuing feature on our Ohm Resistance homebase website! Stay tuned for more and hit me with your sounds on

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