My job as a DJ is to bring you the sickest music that you may or may not have ever heard of – and I’ve done this job for 22 years running. Peep out what’s in my crates below, and support some amazing artists!

Mathlovsky – Grotesque

OK first up is my Belgian homie, Mathlovsky. He hit me up years and years ago, when he was first starting off, back when we were a little more drum & bass oriented at Ohm Resistance. I was full up at the time, but that’s one of those things where you feel like, oh damn, wish I coulda worked with this artist from the jump. I’m glad to see they did better than alright out in the world on their own.

Grotesque is MEGA. I heard him play some of this at the BangFace weekender this year, and his live sets are a thing of beauty and wonder. No stopping, just carefully measured transitions that switch up the tempo and beat, and keep everyone having a good time. A change is as good as a rest; and he has definitely proved the theorem in live format!

I put this G up first because I truly love this record; it has it all. Blazing vocals expressing real real shit, backed up with the beat and bass work that really is nothing short of involuntary-body-moving. Sick sick, street kid style, electrofunk mixed with techno, and overlaid with slyly manuervering vocals, several steps ahead of the mainstream!

Blockdata – Memory Leak

Also another homie I got to meet in person at the BangFace weekender, Gav’s EP for SonicTerror is multispin worthy in the realm of Drum & Bass. Serious cuts you can drop on any dancefloor for max effect. I keep the COOH remix of Callstack (big up Señor Shopov, another Ohm Resistance alum) and Subdivide at the ready (for quarter time/half time/full time power) in my DJ sets. I was surprised by how dreamy/rave the synthesiser work is on this release – there’s some truly memorable melodic action in the tracks. Sonic Terror STAYS on point with releasing incredibly valuable electronic music. And this one definitely pairs well with our next release on the list…

Gore Tech – Geist Fibre

OK OK OK I know I released this, and I know it already has reviews in 5 languages, so I can’t add much outside of a little personal data. George Flett, aka Machine, aka Throne, aka Gore Tech (plus a few other aliases besides), is one of the most stand-up humans in hard electronic music. We really made something magical with this release, and it will stay fresh for a long time to come. The drum & bass tracks slam, the lo tempo tracks groove; and there is pleasing compositional variety, with the pacing to truly call this a mature electronic album. Hats off to the only man to ever outwork me personally on promoting a release –  it’s been an amazing team effort, with more to come.

[P.U.T.] – We Are [Br]others

We turn to our longtime Ohm Resistance friend and ally, Loïc Beyet and his brothers, making the absolute heaviest, sludgecore, industrial metal. I haven’t often listened to guitar based music in the last few years, and this record hits all the spots that make me bang from this world of sounds. My favorite is “In conflict”, with furious guitar riffs turning over until it grows legs & runs, and then gets chopped in half while samples flood the track. The whole record is exactly what it says on the tin – Indus Metal since 98 – and it doesn’t stray too far from the playbook that made me love Hint, early Pitchshifter even. The creepy art by Alexis Horellou is the icing on this cake.

Amantra – Resilient

Do not sleep on this beautiful, wistful, mournful full length from one of the most prolific people on the label, Thierry Arnal aka Amantra. We came across Thierry as he was doing Godflesh covers on his releases for Justin K Broadrick’s Avalanche Recordings, and his first appearance on Ohm Resistance was the amazing G & C cut on our 7” Subscription Series. 

Resilient is just that type of vaporwave melancholy that assists in releasing your own sadness. The vocals on this record are so brooding, and dark, with the melodies simple and sorrowful. While the obvious comparison is Pale Sketcher, the whole record takes you across different zones and outside those boundaries, with the range of the album presenting a full frame of wistful memories. 

BOMBARDIER vs ZELLER – conditions of an inhumane world

This snack-size collaboration outing, from an artist that I’ve been following since the 90s, is a killer. I came across Bombardier during the early outings of the Addict, Distort and Low Res labels, and it was a delight to randomly encounter this EP going down a Bandcamp gloryhole. While it retains all of the fury of the days of breakcore, the tempos are not all fast, the sound is much more refined, and EP theme focused on responses to demagogic leadership, which is right on the nose for the time we exist in. 

Next week we travel to Singapore, the Pacific NW, Hamburg, and a few other places, for a few other choice recordings…keep it locked!

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