Every sound is a frequency – a cycle – and Ohm Resistance has developed a year long series starting back the genesis of the label – DARK HOP / AMBIENT DUB. With Ohm Resistance spawning from downtempo label Collision Substance and taking a hard left into drum & bass out of the gate, the original mission of the label group never developed as planned. Having been inspired as much by Mick Harris’ Possible Records and the dub techno of Basic Channel Records as by Technical Itch and No U Turn, this series is a return to the roots of on earliest inspirations which created Ohm Resistance. Further releases will span the full breadth of the label’s iconoclastic and inimitable sound, bringing you the darkest techno, jungle, drum & bass, and uncategorizable tunes you’ve come to expect.

The series is structured, to save you money on shipping, into 4 shipments of 3 7″s and prints for all physical subscriptions. Digital subscriptions and download codes for physical subscribers will also be released quarterly.

Don’t worry if you missed the beginning of the series! All new subscriptions will include the contents of the previous releases with the first shipment.

7″ Vinyl 4 quarterly shipments of 3 split 7″s
7″ Vinyl PLUS 4 quarterly shipments of 3 split 7″s, plus bonus stickers, 2 t-shirts, a hoodie, 2 patches, and a special bonus album
Digital Only 4 quarterly download codes for 6 tracks each quarter

: end.user // COMPACTOR // art by SHVLFCE
7102: Have Demons // Hydra // art by Amanda Lockwood
7103: Mothboy // Amantra// art by Yves Huerne
7104: JKFlesh // Submerged + Blacktacular // art by Pasquale Belvito
7105: Regis // Luke Lund // art by nem0
7106: SIMM // Medium // art by Petulia Mattioli

Other artists confirmed for the series include Current Value, Masamune, monolog, pulsewidthmod, Fret [Mick Harris], Kamikaze Space Programme, Diasiva, DEFCE, nem0, Ariadne, Snowbeasts, and more.


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