This is another edition of a continuing series of artist profiles, covering all of the participants in the Ohm Resistance Subscription Series. 

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Lyon, France’s Thierry Arnal is AMANTRA. An artist of several aliases, branching into the Luke Lund / Subterranean universe, while also collaborating for a lengthy ambient masterpiece on the Kvitnu label with Submerged. Thierry took some time to answer our queries:

You are an amazing composer in many different fields. What was your process writing the G & C track for the series?
I really don’t know because i usually never follow a “process”. AMANTRA is just a vehicle, so i can start with a noise a beat or a bass line.

What are your favorite pieces of studio gear?
Actually it’s my Rucci Electronic “Minimal Drone” & Marbeau Synth “Six Drones”. These small boxes are amazing.Right now AMANTRA’s music is changing and i’m more into Drone/Impros today.

Tell us how the collaboration with Ohm Resistance founder Submerged for “Lost Direction” on the Kvitnu label came to be?
It started as a joke on private messages via Facebook with Submerged & it became more serious when he told me that he would like to record something with me. I was surprised and honored because Kurt (Submerged) has a real background and runs a famous label. So i’ve sent two improvs/demos 8 minutes each to Submerged and he replied less than two weeks with fantastic improvs, and i started to edit/mix all the tracks, everything went easy.

Will we ever see Amantra as a live performance?
– I hope so… I’m working on that right now ! But not with the original AMANTRA form. Just drone & noises (no vocals, no beats).

You are an incredibly prolific composer – what records do you have out now, and coming soon?
– My last outputs are “Dawn Of The Fourth Stage” on my Bandcamp page, AMANTRA Vs SUBMERGED “Lost Direction” on KVITNU, and “Missing Link” on Barely Here & a new album “Resilient” will be released on Ohm Resistance in August. “Resilient” will mark the fourth AMANTRA release for 2018. I also have another project “2-W” with a long time friend but it’s going to be a long process to record the first album…

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RESILIENT IS OUT NOW on Ohm Resistance

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