This is the second of a continuing series of artist profiles, covering all of the participants in the Ohm Resistance Subscription Series. 

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Derek Rush speaks for the The Worker; and The Worker is the faceless person who performs on stage as COMPACTOR.  Appropriately, we recognize Derek as one of the hardest working individuals in noise – and also one of the most intelligently outspoken proponents of treating other humans with compassion.

As we speak to Derek most days anyhow, it was quite easy to get a hold of him and drop our 5 questions on him – check his answers below:

Your live show for Compactor is performed by an entity you call The Worker – what does the The Worker represent to you?

The Worker is an anonymous figure, so they can potentially be anyone who works a job they’re exhausted from, or unfairly treated at, or are forced to do things that don’t make sense. The mask and uniform show almost no skin, which ensures the figure is both anonymous and dehumanized. In an age when corporations are legally considered people, actual people are considered the opposite, just resources or expenses to use or discard.

You are known for promoting and arranging many shows – what drives you to make such amazing and diverse line ups?

I’ve only been really taking the reins on that in the past few years, not sure if I’m known for it that much. It’s kind of an extension of the Chthonic Streams label, which is about my philosophy of dark underground music from different areas flowing together. The lineups are meant to be cohesive without being all the same sub-genre or style. Part of what drives it is having seen a lot of shows booked that only seemed to consider how many people come in the door and not whether or not the bill makes any sense musically. I want people to come interested in the night as a whole, and leave feeling like they were presented with a complete experience, rather than just having seen their friends’ band and stood around bored or annoyed the rest of the time until they left.

photo: Garner 10/21/2017

What are some new areas of sound design you are incorporating into COMPACTOR?

The track on the Ohm Resistance 7” utilized a run-down turntable and scratching, which is a new texture to the project that will be explored more fully in the future. One track on Technology Worship uses the sounds of cell phone interference. There’s been experimentation with unusual sound chains, like putting a reverb first instead of last, or plugging things into each other that one normally wouldn’t.

Where was your favorite gig?

So far, probably still Brighton Music Hall 10.02.15 as part of the Voidstar 25 Festival.

What is on the docket for COMPACTOR for live performances?
Pittsburgh PA 9.29
Detroit MI 9.30
Chicago IL 10.2
Milwaukee WI 10.3
Minneapolis MN 10.4
Fargo ND 10.5
Portland ME 10.6

COMPACTOR’s latest forthcoming releases are:
Technology Worship CD (Oppressive Resistance Recordings)
Victim Of Circumstance (split w/Vitriol Gauge)
Psychological Warfare (Sonic Terror)

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