This is the first of a continuing series of artist profiles, covering all of the participants in the Ohm Resistance Subscription Series.Stazma the Junglechrist- Left, End.user– Right
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First up on the block is the man from CINCINNATI himself, Lynn Standafer – more commonly known as End.user to the world of electronic music. End.user appears on our first 7″, and his track for the series, Interruption 5, continues a composition format last seen on the album “left” – re-released in deluxe edition in 2017. Ohm Resistance recently signed his newest project Vertigo – after the completion of this interview!!

We caught up with Lynn upon his return to being based in Washington DC after several years in Europe, and asked him 5 questions:

You are known for making amazing music with licks from many different cultures. What drives your compositional mindset when using non-traditional sound sources?

I honestly don’t really listen to a lot of electronic music — I’ve always listened to pretty much everything else! I see the music I make as a grey area between two different worlds mainly… I think the biggest influence regarding rhythm for me was jungle music which sort of stacked onto my love for industrial / heavy distorted beat music. While those types of music have super intense drum elements and a bit of a punk attitude, I think they sometimes lack a lot of melodic bits. So basically I take my love of melody in general and certain song structures and combine it with heavier & detailed drum work. The initial marriage of the drums and melodic elements can be tricky, as it’s really easy to sound cheesy when mixing different worlds; but when you do it with a full on appreciation and love for the source material (whether it’s recorded live or sampled), the end result will always work.

What is your all-time best live gig?

Dour Festival in Belgium, 2011. I played after Anthrax on the Cannibal stage & was blown away by the welcoming attitude from all of the thrash metal fans. Super intense & very fucking loud 🙂

Who are you currently collaborating with?

I’m collaborating with a vocalist (Jaymie Rodgers) and guitar player (Roger Romero) on a project called ‘Vertigo’. It started off as more of a trip hop / breakcore hybrid with live vocals and guitar but it’s sort of evolving into something I can’t even describe. It’s very doom / very emotional but still has punch. We’ve got remixes coming in from a lot of different artists from different worlds, and those seem to be influencing our debut EP as well 🙂 Can’t say how it will turn out sounding exactly but I’m sure it will be heavy, dark and moody 😉

Will there be another Blood of Heroes record?

Not sure about that one. I think we have some material that wasn’t released but I haven’t spoken to the guys in a while. Would love to see what we have around, I loved working on those records.

Where do you play next? What are your tour plans?

Upcoming shows are:
July 22: Cincinnati, OH
July 23: Akron, OH
July 27: San Francisco, CA
Oct 19: Maschinenfest, Germany
Nov 24: Mannheim, Germany

End.user’s latest forthcoming releases are: 
‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’ – Suicide Audio / Fall 2018
Vertigo EP -Ohm Resistance / Fall 2018

End.user Social Media

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