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Karl O’Connor is REGIS – the icon behind Birmingham’s DOWNWARDS RECORDS, and one of the most brutal and effective pioneers in techno music.

We counted ourselves incredibly fortunate to get some wisdom from the legend himself – read on for some very important insights into electronic music, techno, and the lifespan of artists here:

You are an iconic figure in techno music and one of the progenitors of the Birmingham Techno sound. What drives you to continue composing and performing, having nothing to prove to anyone?

Music is black magic, I still have no idea how sound is captured either onto record / cd or otherwise. I feel I’m part of a spell and if I stop it will be broken. That’s what I continue

What were the first records and labels you heard that clinched your decision take the step solidly toward a 4/4 Techno sound?

I think Tresor as the one that paved the way for harder danceable electronics.

If you can get people to the dance floor you can make them listen to other ideas in your music. 4/4 is the bait that leads to the my trap.

What turned you into such an ardent ambassador of the form? You have or had labels, a distribution company, and were instrumental in spreading good music on a global scale – what factors drove your success in these worlds?

Great movements rarely if ever happen in isolation. It’s important to have a group and have direction as a group, it worked for the surrealists and I think when art is at is best a group is behind it.

If you had to pick one favorite live gig you’ve played – what would it be?

I think the perfect gig was British Murder Boys in Tokyo .. it’s where it all came together.

Will we hear new Regis in the future? An album?

I’m always working towards a new album, let’s see.

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