The year long subscription we have run is coming to its conclusion!
Get them now before they go up in price on 12/12!

SUBSCRIBE NOW: Vinyl Plus (12 7″s, Shirts and Hoodie)
SUBSCRIBE NOW: Vinyl (12 7″s)
SUBSCRIBE NOW: Digital Only (All Audio and Visual Content Digital)

Full line up:

7101 Enduser / COMPACTOR
7102 Have Demons / Hydra
7103 Mothboy / Amantra
7104 JK Flesh / Submerged + Blacktacular
7105 Regis / Luke Lund
7106 SIMM / Medium
7107 Current Value / Masamune
7108 monolog / pulsewidthmod
7109 Fret / Kamikaze Space Programme
7110 Homemade Weapons / Speak Onion
7111 Velos & NLIC / nem0 / Zerfallmensch
7112 Snowbeasts / DEFCE

BONUS 1 RISE|CONVERGE compilation (2000 comp with never before digital Scorn, Submerged, Mothboy and Aube tracks, amongst others) bonus album
BONUS 2 12.14.17 Live Showcase board recording – Ariadne, You Will Choose Fire, Compactor, End.user, Resistance Squadron
BONUS 3 Method of Defiance – The Only Way To Go Is Down (debut album originally released on Sublight)

Two shipments – initial shipment of 9 7″s (7101-7109) immediately
Last 3 7″s (7110-7112) ship in December

New pricing is all inclusive!

Also, the Everything You Do is Wrong shirt is also on sale now!! Cop it now, to let everyone know you are tired of them fucking around, and are repping 1K OHM – the OG business!

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